Francisco Esteban Amigo Castillo

Francisco Esteban Amigo Castillo peacefully passed away at the Teresa Dellar Palliative Care Residence, on January 4th 2022. Despite the strict sanitary measures, his daughter Macarena Amigo was able to be by his side when he took his last breath.

Francisco Esteban Amigo Castillo was born in Villarrica, Chile. He lost his father, Francisco Esteban Amigo Rodriguez at a very young age and took his role by taking care of his mother Marta and his younger siblings, Juana, Miguel and Jose.

He was only 13 years old when he learned how to drive his father’s red pickup truck. He would wear a fake moustache to age himself and attach a can over his foot to be able to reach the pedals. He was always independent and wanted to help his family any way he could.

Francisco had a passion for cars. He could spend hours fixing cars and or talking about cars. His dream car was a Classic Ford F-1 pickup. (RED, of course.)

He loved connecting with nature. In Villarrica, he would fearlessly ride horses in the river. Which explains why one of his favorite activities in Canada was camping with his family.

He loved to be surrounded by family and friends. Family was a value he cherished immensely.

Francisco was 72 years old when he passed. He was a hardworking man, an essential worker and did not consider retirement as an option. He was dedicated to his work and worked seven days a week if he had to. Unfortunately, his illness forced him to resign and to leave behind one of his favorite activities; working.

Feeling productive was important to Francisco, it was his way to provide for his children and family.

Anyone who met Francisco remembers him as a generous man. He would never show up to someone’s place empty handed and you could always count on him for any help.

He was really good with kids. He would go out of his way to spoil his children, his grandchildren, nephews and nieces, etc.

His illness never took away his hope in healing and surviving. Today, he is not among us but survives in our hearts and the memories he leaves behind.

"Ko", "Tio Pancho", "Papi", "Compadre", "hermano" "Amigo" Francisco will be sadly missed by family and friends.



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