Helen Victoria Daley


It hurts for me for say it or to believe it. My mother is gone from this Earth. She left peacefully, she was loved. I love her and will always love her. My children loved and already miss her. When people ask me where I get my aura, my passion, my desires, my hopes, my loves, I get it from her. She is and always will be my rock. She came to me in my sleep, not knowing she had left, she said she was sorry for leaving and I forgave her. I am shy and private but I know I will have to do this for those who Love her and me. We never know.

Ms. Helen Victoria Daley. Born July 27, 1949, Aruba. Died Oct 22, 2021 at the age of 72 years old. She died of Natural Causes, peacefully in her sleep. She will be remembered by her Son, Rickey, her Brother Peter, Douglas, Alice (England), Daughter in Law Marie Medine, loving Grandchildren Darius Dante, Darnelle, and the whole community of Little Burgundy.

My Mother was a firecracker, full of life, full of mystery and full of introspection. She was completely devoted to her neighborhood. To those who use to live there and those who move on to live elsewhere. She was basically raise and eventually died in this colorful area where people usually joined together as a large extended family.

I will like tot thanks those who had the time to come by for us and for those who were touched by her. God Bless.

Limited attendance due to Covid restrictions. Zoom will be provided on this day. Donations are accepted at ricardodaley@yahoo.com.

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