Sharon Findlay

Sharon Leslie Findlay (61) passed away peacefully on 27th February, 2024, at Foyer La Colombe of the L’Arche Montreal Community, with her L’Arche family members lovingly by her side.

Born in Ste. Hyacinthe on 8th March, 1962, to Joan Hansen and Lawrence Findlay, Sharon lived her rambunctious early life around Montreal.

Sharon’s life-journey is beautifully recorded  since her arrival at L’Arche Montreal on 29th April, 1990. Even though her journey began with difficulties during her infancy and adolescence, she started again by building a life at L’Arche from the moment of her arrival, demonstrating her resilience and adaptability. She shared her qualities of unconditional love, strength, and generosity that extended beyond her L’Arche family to encompass a wide network of loved ones, whom she would always welcome with a glass of water as soon as they sat down.

Sharon loved life: she loved flowers, snow, cats, cakes and so many other things. She was keenly observant and sensitive: she would notice the slightest changes in persons and in situations that happened around her.  She had a grateful heart and a great sense of humour.  Sharon will be remembered for her strong character, her wild laugh and her fervor for life.

Thank you, Sharon, for allowing us to be part of your life-journey.

Until we meet again, we love you Sharon!


“Lady Sharon” will have a royal send-off, fit for a princess.

A wake will be held for Sharon on Friday, 26th April, 2024 at 19h00 in the L’Arche Montreal Community Hall located at 6105 Jogues Street.  It will be an occasion for her L’Arche family as well as her circle of friends to share their stories and memories about her.  The Funeral Mass will take place at 11h00 on Saturday, 27th April, 2024, at the same location. The information will be shared via our communications platforms : Facebook (click here), Instagram (click here), L’Arche Montreal website.


L’Arche Montreal Community Hall
6105 Jogues Street, Montreal
Vendredi, 26 avril 2024


L’Arche Montreal Community Hall
6105 Jogues Street, Montreal
Saturday, 27 April 2024

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