Cremation Information

Useful Information for Cremation Services that Actuel Service Funéraires Provides

As you are planning the cremation process, we invite you to browse through our useful links in order to better understand the funeral process, your death benefit eligibility of up to $2500 under the Québec Pension plan and, of course, all aspects legally related to it.

Please discuss with your representative about any cremation concerns or cremation questions you may have while referring to this page for everything related to benefits and annuities to registries and other services in regards to the deceased’s property.

Funeral planning

Follow this link to obtain a copy of the What to Do in the Event of Death? guide published by the Québec government. This guide provides an overview of the steps to be taken following a death. It also gives you access to “My personalized itinerary” for a customized list of steps to take depending on the deceased’s specific situation.

List of government agencies and departments to contact

Get information on the procedures for cancelling the deceased’s various benefits, including Old Age Security, employment insurance benefits, income tax credits, etc.

Directeur de l’État civil du Québec
Declaring a death

Revenu Québec
Service Canada
Canada Revenue Agency
Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec

Death benefits and pensions

Prearrangements (Prearranged Funeral Services Contracts)

Other useful links

Get the guide What to do in the event of the death from the Government of Quebec. This guide provides essential steps to be taken following a death.


A note of thanks to Actuel for going beyond what we asked for them to do. We felt taken care of and comforted during such an incredibly difficult time in our lives. I could not have asked for a better funeral service.

M. Acosta – Verdun

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