Funeral Urns at an Affordable Price

Our funeral urns for sale online will allow you to gather your loved one’s ashes while also providing you with a commemorative object. Discover our complete selection of affordable funeral urns and hand-crafted funeral urns in Verdun.

Our Urn Selection

Funeral Wood Urns

Both elegant and timeless, wood is the preferred choice for many when the time comes to choose an urn. Natural and durable when well maintained, wood also symbolizes harmony with nature. From minimalist options to more sophisticated options, we have a beautiful selection of wooden funeral urns.

Biodegradable Funeral Urns

People who are mindful about the impact they have on the environment will naturally turn to our biodegradable urn models. They are the preferred choice for a respectful burial or to plant a tree. Our models also come in elegant designs, should you choose to keep them.

Funeral Marble Urns

Opt for another natural product with our marble urns. This noble and strong material offers a unique urn, as was your departed loved one. Marble is mostly known for its durability. Discover our colour selection for elegant and naturally unique funeral urns for adults.

Funeral Brass Urns

Popular for the resistance and refined finish it offers, brass will allow you to keep the ashes in a very decorative commemorative object. No matter if you prefer a golden hue or copper or red tones, or even one of our urns decorated with delicate patterns, we offer a wide variety of models.

You will also find other unique creations among our hand-crafted funeral urns, like the Aria Tree of Life urn or the Golden Silver Tear urn. These symbolic objects honour your loved one’s memory in a beautiful way.

Bamboo Funeral Urns

100 % natural and biodegradable, bamboo offers classic elegance. Just like wood, these urns can be buried, allowing you to pay tribute to your loved one while also being respectful of the environment.

What Should be Taken Into Consideration when Purchasing an Urn?

On top of the style and price of your funeral urn, there are other factors that might need to be considered. For example, if you would like to bury the urn or plant a tree, you will have to choose a biodegradable model. If you would like an urn for viewing, then you should opt for a model that is sturdier and more durable.

Finally, the urn has to be big enough for the ashes. Ashes can also be divided into several smaller funeral urns, or a bigger Companion Urn, which is perfect for a couple.

Find the model you love among our funeral urns for sale in Montreal. We also offer funeral bouquets and floral arrangements for urns.


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