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Jocelyne Morin
1951 - 2023
Lise Desbiens
1947 - 2023
Henri-Pierre Papineau
1926 - 2023
Richard Meilleur
1943 - 2023
Daniel McNaughton
1950 - 2023
Monique Hébert
1940 - 2023
Georges Latendresse
1938 - 2023
Sylvie Lapointe
1961 - 2023
Denise Lussier
1942 - 2023
Lise Masson
1946 - 2023

Actuel publishes the obituaries Montreal web page for the funeral services we perform. The content of our obituaries is published by the families of the deceased, wishing to inform the public of the situation, the date of death and certainly whether or not a funeral will be held in the memory of the deceased. We present here the death notices in order to help you in your search for information and we hope that you will find the support and comfort you need.

After a death in a family, with the agreement and information gathered, we publish a notice in the “obituaries Montreal” section of our site to inform the deceased’s distant relatives or the rest of his acquaintances. By browsing through Service Actuel’s obituaries, you will have the opportunity to offer your condolences to the family of a loved one, and the possibility to send flowers.

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I’m writing to express how thankful I am with Actuel. I was impressed with the professionalism and conduct of your employees and the treatment we received for our father’s funeral. You were the guardian angel we needed at the time and genuinely cared for all of our requests. Thank you again for being there for us.

D. PEREZ – Montreal

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