Plants for Funerals and Memorials

Surrounding oneself with nature can offer soothing comfort during difficult times. Customize your funeral ceremony, or offer plants to bereaved loved ones, by choosing among our carefully selected options. Plants and flowers are a way to express love and to honour the memory of the one who has passed.

Funeral plants and What they Symbolize

Plants or flowers?

Preparing a funeral ceremony sometimes implicates numerous choices that can seem quite challenging. Do not forget that it is also a time to honour the life of the one who is gone.

You can rely on your loved one’s preferences to guide your choice. Did they love plants? A particular flower? You don’t always have to choose between the two: you can also choose both. Take a look at our funeral bouquets and modern floral arrangements.  

Although we often think of flowers, green plants for funerals can also bring comfort by adding colour to the room. They can also be a gift for the mourning family.

Moreover, funeral plants can be kept for a long time at home, as a way to honour your loved one’s life.

The Symbolism Behind Different Colours

Several colours can be selected to honour the memory of a loved one. As a general rule, white flowers are often preferred given that they are generally associated with respect and pure intentions.

Red is also often used to symbolize the love felt for the person who has passed, while pink symbolizes deep affection given the softer hue.

Funeral plants and their green colour also have a symbolic meaning. On top of bringing comfort, this colour also represents hope and renewal.

Plants that are Best Adapted to Resting Places

All plants for funeral homes can be symbolic. We can recommend orchids, which symbolize eternal love, given that their flowers last a long time.

White lilies also represent purity and innocence, perfect for people who were honest or those who are gone too soon.

As a general rule, you will want to opt for plants that are easy to maintain and that can stand the test of time for the final resting place. Do not hesitate to ask our team for guidance when the time has come for you to choose plants for a funeral or memorial.

Orders and Delivery

Contact our team in Verdun quickly to order your plants for the funeral home. We will take care of completing the order and delivery when the day comes, providing you with complete and professional service.


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